Drones against COVID-19.

Abhi Bothera
6 min readMay 16, 2020


The COVID-19, a worldwide pandemic that caused more than 3,07,000 deaths and infected over 4.5 million individuals around the world, of which more than 85,000 are from India. This makes us reevaluate how the Governments, Associations, and Social orders the world over can work with at least or without physical contact. Today, the bleeding edge warriors and legends of the country are ground workers, clinical staff, nearby police, and private security persons. Innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, GIS and Mapping, Location Technologies, and now, UAVs, also known as Drones, have become the principal characters in this remote fight because of their adaptability and the way that they are a genuinely stretched out technology that is anything but difficult to execute and as of now in the hands of numerous security forces all around the globe.

The following are the ways we can use these Unmanned Flying Vehicles to fight against the deadly Corona Virus.

Inspection and Surveillance like Drones to monitor population movements and Social Distancing

UAVs equipped with cameras can be used to monitor the roads, check if the people are following social distancing norms, and help the police force to keep a check on infected areas.

A significant approach for specialists over the globe right presently is to analyze and stop the spread of the infection. To guarantee the same, they are taking remarkable measures to decrease person to person contacts. Most nations, like India, took measures like the closure of not so essential open public spots, a boycott of mass get-togethers, and guaranteeing a social distancing to constrain physical contact.

But, in certain regions where people are not consenting to the limitations intentionally or unintentionally, or don’t have an idea about the most recent limitations, the law implementing authorities such as the nearby police are utilizing drones to monitor individuals’ development and separate parties that could represent a hazard to society, for example, in Noida and Gautam Buddha Nagar. The presentation of UAVs during this time of emergency is diminishing the danger of getting infected to police authorities and other staff as it encourages surveillance without having any physical contact.

In any case, the utilization of Drones for observation raises a question about privacy and individual rights.

Broadcasting and Awareness

Drones can be used to Broadcast flash warnings, announcements, and spreading awareness about social distancing.

These equivalent capacities have been basic to manage and convey in dense urban territories during the panic around COVID-19. With drones, officials can more proficiently check a territory and communicate a message, for instance, to put on your masks or stay inside if the zone is infected.

In addition to road surveillance, specialists are additionally utilizing UAVs to communicate messages and data about lockdown measures, particularly in a rural region that needs open channels for communication for wellbeing information. Drones outfitted with speakers are utilized to make open declarations to keep individuals inside their houses, avoid potential risks, make social-separating, and wear a mask if stepping outside from homes. China, the UK, and many other countries use drones for broadcasting public announcements and messages.

Delivery of Critical Supplies like Food, Medicines, and Grocery

UAVs have a lot of potential in the delivery area. It is being used to deliver the essential supplies to infected or hard to reach areas.

The circumstance of constrained confinement due to the fast spread of the SARS-COV-2 infection has encouraged the adjustment of food and package delivery systems, which are potential sources of infection. Before this pandemic, nations like the United States had just exhibited how valuable drones are with regard to conveying crucial clinical supplies. During the Coronavirus emergency, its utility was likewise confirmed in China, where organizations like TerraDrones utilized Drones to ship clinical samples from the Hospitals to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which was three kilometers away. Aside from being the safest method to ship these kinds of items, drones reduce the delivery timings.

Doctors and clinics need clinical supplies and research facility testing like never before, and drones are the most secure and quickest approaches to convey clinical supplies and transport tests from emergency clinics to labs. In the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, a UAV is utilized to convey clinical supplies in the emergency clinic. This innovation not just accelerates the conveyance of fundamental hospital supplies and tests, inturn it reduces the danger of presentation to clinical staff and having a significant effect in efforts to fight the infection.

Most UAVs can be modified with a payload drop system to convey packages up to 5–6 KGs. This is especially significant in regions where the presence of the infection is affirmed, for example, emergency clinics that are effectively treating the infection.

Disinfecting Common and Affected Areas

To sanitize open spaces and prevent the further spread of COVID-19, health authorities are testing spraying drones to do undertakings like splashing disinfectants in possibly influenced regions. This use of UAVs is a better solution than spraying using traditional methods like firetrucks. These spraying drones are loaded up with disinfectants and can make considerably more progress in less time and multiple times quicker than conventional techniques. From the sources, a showering UAV can carry around 16 Liter of disinfectant and spread 100,000 sq meter region in 60 minutes.

These drones are not very difficult to operate, are economical, and can be immediately assembled. It also reduces the danger of health issues and sanitation laborers getting presented to both the infection and the disinfectant. Nations like India, Chile, Indonesia, Colombia, Philippines, China, and the United Arab Emirates have effectively utilized drones to control the spread of Corona virus.

Depending upon the utilization, showering with Drones can be 50 X more efficient than spraying done by individuals or using firetrucks.

Detecting the infected people with pandemic drones and Temperature Check

A key action to stop the pandemic is recognizing healthy individuals from the infected so as to isolate them. To do that, Drones can be used to check their temperature and inspect them or conduct the test to detect if they are infected with COVID-19.

During this pandemic, authorities were doing enormous scope remote temperature measurement in the apartments through the UAVs. Since individuals were stressed about getting the infection, to keep away from the personal contact, Drones furnished with infrared cameras to measure the temperature of individuals who were in lockdown in their homes.

These are some of the major applications of drones in India and other parts of the world. I hope we can fight COVID-19 efficiently and till then, stay safe and practice social distancing.